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Other companies might be able to help, so what makes One Touch Lending the people you should trust?

Consider very carefully who you are trusting with your new loan. There are tens of thousands of loan brokers and loan officers in our industry who will tell you they can help you with your financing. Industry employment statistics demonstrate that less than 50% of the loan officers in the business have more than 3 years of experience. Among the experienced "professionals" who "create" solutions for you, less than 10% of those, concentrate on transactions which are "difficult." The experienced "pros" who account for 80% of the industry's new loans prefer a volume oriented business made up of cookie-cutter loans. It is just not possible to set up our business that way, given the amount of research and attention required to perform "our type" of loan or transaction.
With overwhelming industry statistics suggesting that a "random shopping" effort for help to solve your problem will result in speaking with an inexperienced loan agent, who doesn't accurately understand your needs or how to help - or worse - views you as just "a deal," your search will reveal the need for two distinct characteristics from your loan professional. First, you'll need specialized experience in your corner. Pete & One Touch Lending have that experience. (Please review "About Pete Brady" and "About One Touch Lending").

Secondly, you'll need concrete assurances and guarantees that final results will match the initial discussions and disclosures. In considering where to place your trust and how to achieve that financing objective, the correct choice would logically be the individual and company that has the most TO LOSE by ultimately delivering a disappointment. The company that will understand and regret the loss of your business is the company that understands the "lifetime value of a client". That is the company whose business model concentrates on repeat client business and client referrals as its main source of future business. That company practices LONG-TERM thinking and typically has a more stable and healthy business year after year. One Touch Lending realizes that a "delighted client" is worth as many as six new transactions without advertising. To the "less stable companies", you will always be just a number, and all that has been said before you actually view the FINAL LOAN DOCUMENTS is just talk.

Unfortunately, some expenses, much time, and plenty of your effort has been spent to get you to that end point. If the FINAL LOAN DOCUMENTS do not represent what has been previously agreed upon and presented in initial disclosures, your "exercise" has now quickly become a very disappointing experience. Therefore, you must eventually place your trust in someone. You must trust that person and that company to deliver on their promises and not disappoint you. Anything less is just very frustrating. Therefore, the most important consideration when choosing a mortgage company is their credibility and likelihood of delivering on their promises. Please see how important this is to us by reviewing our Guarantees. Finally, our long-term approach to you as a "client forever" is your greatest assurance that you'll have a lasting smile after each and every transaction - and so will your friends.
Please read some of what other One Touch Lending clients and friends had to say?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank One Touch Lending for going above and beyond the typical refinancing experience. First of all, after several months of trying to refinance a very difficult credit situation, we had heard a lot of unfulfilled promises to help. Everyone was so eager to run our credit report claiming that they would be the one and only institution that could help us. Then, we never got a call back.

By the time we got a hold of Pete Brady and his staff at One Touch, we had heard it all. We were not at all confident and we were tired of the run around. This is why One Touch Lending is different. Pete explained that our loan would be tough and it would take more time and work but he was confident that something could be worked out. He did not give us false hopes. He told us exactly what to expect.
For some people, refinancing is simply getting a better interest rate. For us, it meant really trying to make ends meet; pay our bills, feed our family. Pete did the extra things, like gave us his cell phone number, kept us posted, and helped us keep our heads above water during the process. He did so by means much above the normal business to client relationship. He treated us like family. We are very grateful for that. We recommend One Touch Lending to anyone.

The Labrado Family
Sacramento, CA

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