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In the last 15 years, we have the magnificent fortune of assisting thousands of wonderful families achieve their dreams of home ownership, get kids into school or put themselves back on the right track after bankruptcy. There is no way that we can publish every letter we receive, but we offer a few here for you to get a sense for our customer's feelings about us. Of course, if you stop by our office, we'd be proud to show you them all!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank One Touch Lending for going above and beyond the typical refinancing experience. First of all, after several months of trying to refinance a very difficult credit situation, we had heard a lot of unfulfilled promises to help. Everyone was so eager to run our credit report claiming that they would be the one and only institution that could help us. Then, we never got a call back.
By the time we got a hold of Pete Brady and his staff at One Touch Lending, we had heard it all. We were not at all confident and we were tired of the run around. This is why One Touch Lending is different. Pete explained that our loan would be tough and it would take more time and work but he was confident that something could be worked out. He did not give us false hopes. He told us exactly what to expect.

For some people, refinancing is simply getting a better interest rate. For us, it meant really trying to make ends meet; pay our bills, feed our family. Pete did the extra things, like gave us his cell phone number, kept us posted, and helped us keep our heads above water during the process. He did so by means much above the normal business to client relationship. He treated us like family. We are very grateful for that. We recommend One Touch Lending to anyone.

The Labrado Family in Sacramento, CA
Nine years ago, my partner Debbie and I purchased our first home, and we had no idea how to navigate through the challenges getting of a loan for us.

Like most people we were unsure who we could trust and how they would provide us with the best loan that would meet our specific needs. We were introduced to Pete & Shawn at One Touch Lending through our realtor and we could not have been more blessed. I worked directly with Shawn and personally found Shawn not only to be a very professional person, but also a very caring man... He is sincere and wants the best for you. It doesn't matter to him if you're gay, straight, black or white he cares about you as a person.

I have been doing business with One Touch Lending since 1996, and I have experienced some hard times in those many years. Shawn has been an extremely supportive friend, even helping me through the "buyout" of Debbie's equity. He's really been there for me through it all.

Pete & Shawn and One Touch Lending have made my life easier and I would recommend this company to anybody.
- Barbara in Orange, CA
Dear Pete and the One Touch Team,

As you know (all too well now, I'm afraid!), my wife & I came to you with an interesting credit challenge. With both of us having previous marriages, interesting credit scores and no W2s since we were teenagers, we probably would have scared off the most hardy of loan officers anywhere else. It took a really special team to see through the fog to understand how we could accomplish our goals and you folks took it on with aplomb and confidence. The truth is that we had no idea how we would ever be able to purchase a home without you.

Now, having financed and re-financed with you 4 times, we are certain we have accomplished what could arguably be called impossible by any other means. It is with pride and confidence that we regularly recommend you to our friends and relatives and we will continue to do so. I hope you have a "testimonials wall" or some such that you can hang this letter - I'd be happy knowing that other people might make see it and feel more confident about your services.

Thank you again for your excellent service, the way you continue to watch out for a better deal for us and your friendship. We value it all highly.

Ed P. - Phoenix, AZ
We met Pete when our life was changing. I had left a career in the legal field because I was raising two small children, and my husband had his own business. We were in Southern California. I had a dream of owning our own business and moving back to my home town (in Washington) to give my kids the same kind of life I had as a child - simple, slow, small town and gorgeous! We had large obstacles to overcome: What kind of business? How do we finance it? How do we sell here and buy our house there when our credit had been so punished by our dramatically reduced income.

I held steadfast to my dreams and Pete Brady helped make them come true! First he made me a $35,000 loan out of his own checking account to help me buy a restaurant in my hometown! We moved to Gig Harbor, Washington and began our careers as restaurateurs! I later asked for an additional sum that we needed for operating capital and living expenses. Again, he said yes. Our credit scores were too low for ANY mortgage company to help us, but Pete came out of pocket with enough money for us to get over the first winter slow season.
Summer came and business was pretty good so we sold our home in So Cal and bought the home were renting. Our credit was getting a bit better and Pete found us a lender that would fund our purchase of a beautiful home overlooking the harbor; did I mention we hadn't owned the business, but just over a year and lenders typically require two years! Pete pulled three rabbits out of several different hats (including his own pocket) to make our dreams a reality. We have a refinance planned in our future to get a permanent loan. We will definitely be relying on Pete and One Touch Lending to get that done and also look forward to referring our friends his direction. Thanks Pete - dreams can come true!

Kari S. - Gig Harbor, Washington

We're not kidding, we get dozens of letters every month and there's just no way that we can put them all up here, but we deeply and truly appreciate you sending them. The correspondence, glowing reviews and "love letters" you send make every day really, really worth it. Thank you again for taking the time to write, read and enjoy our site. Go well and we hope to hear from you soon!

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