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Shawn Swaroop

Shawn Swaroop, Co-owner of One Touch Lending, began his career in Real Estate Lending in 1984....long ago! After graduating from the California State University at Long Beach, with a degree in Business Administration, all he has ever done is to give 110% to his clients! Satisfying his client's financial needs and desires is his primary focus. His limitless commitment to his clientele over the years has rewarded him with a strong business composed exclusively of referrals from past clients and Realtors.

His co-workers are sill amazed at his level of enthusiasm and compassion for his clients after all these years! He'll do anything in his power to help someone including taking money out of his own pocket. His business partner since 1994, Pete Brady says, "I've met hundreds of business people and trust so very few of them. Shawn is the only one I've ever met that I would trust with my wife, my kids & my money, and there would undoubtedly be more of it when I returned - an amazingly genuine person. I'm very fortunate to know him.”

Rob Ernster

There are no sales tactics when I am involved in the process of helping create solutions to your financial needs. I've been educated to exhaust every potential option as I develop a variety of choices, get important feedback from you, and then suggest the specific program that best meets your goals.

I have had years of experience in customer service and interpersonal communication training outside of financial services, and I have had the pleasure of being a part of the One Touch Lending Team since April 2004.

At our company, I'm delighted with our approach to "long-term care". We realize your current circumstances may not allow for a new loan that will be of immediate benefit, so we provide guidance on how to improve your credit profile. I enjoy this aspect of the consultation process and the ongoing relationship. It's really a thrill to help clients through that exercise and then achieve their goals after some hard teamwork!

Denise Leckband

I look forward to helping you expedite your loan request by processing your loan as smoothly as possible.

I have a background in corporate banking and insurance, which taught me early on to strive beyond client expectations to deliver high levels of client service. In addition to that experience, I have also been a loan officer, which has proven to be invaluable when it comes to truly empathizing with clients and understanding their complex needs. Given the type of loans we work on and the clients - challenges that need to be considered when we deliver our solutions, I realize just how delicately I need to treat specific circumstances. In these cases, I actually believe it's a privilege to be given the opportunity to assist in providing a better future for these borrowers - I love it!

Rita Lee

Did you know that anytime you obtain a real estate loan there is an escrow involved? Escrow is a vital part of making the whole package "come together" in an efficient and timely manner.

And here, to assure this is accomplished, is Rita Lee, our Escrow Officer. Rita has an extensive background in the mortgage industry. She is experienced in both the loan processing and escrow fields, having begun her career with World Savings in their Loan Refinance division. She proceeded to join Hawthorne Savings and Loan and opened several loan escrow offices for them. Rita eventually attained the position of Vice-President and Regional Manager for the South Los Angeles through North San Diego division. When the division was acquired by Washington Mutual, Rita left to pursue other interests. Missing the challenge of the mortgage industry, Rita joined our staff in 2001, bringing her "expertise and energy" to One Touch Lending.

While Rita's priority is to assure that the client's escrow transaction runs smoothly, she also assists the marketing and loan departments and contributes her acquired knowledge of human resource issues when needed. Rita is always willing and able to answer any questions and to provide our clients with the best service possible. Rita is an invaluable "resource" to the One Touch Team...she is definitely a One Touch Lending HERO!

Becky Mendez

While Becky's primary focus at One Touch Lending is completing tasks within the scope of marketing and database management. She has been an integral part of the entire team, by situating herself among other departments within the organization.

Becky joined One Touch Lending in March of 2003, with 10 years experience working for WFS Financial, as a Senior Systems Administrator in their Information Technology Department. Her extensive knowledge and background in technology is an invaluable asset. Becky is bi-lingual in English and Spanish, which has been very helpful to One Touch Lending's Spanish speaking prospects & clientele.

Becky's proficiency extends to technically supporting the employees at One Touch Lending as well as other duties which include managing loans from origination to funding, facilitating employee training, coordination of marketing and maintaining our client database. Becky is another One Touch Lending Hero!

Dave Morrow

I have been in sales and management since graduating from Cal State University at Chico in 1989. I have always been in the customer service field and truly enjoy helping people and giving them 110% at every opportunity. When a client has a need, I do everything in my power, using ALL our resources to provide them with solutions that meet their needs to the highest degree possible.

I enjoy being part of the One Touch Team because each employee sincerely is concerned about our clients. It is hard to find this type of attitude at most organizations, but at One Touch, it is clearly apparent to me that the employees really do care.

When I am not working here, I am either coaching my two son's baseball teams or playing baseball in the MSBL hardball league. With two 12 year old boys and a 15 year old daughter, life is very busy and rewarding.

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