Types of Loans

Below you will find general descriptions of the entire spectrum of loan products available in the industry. At One Touch Lending, we have organized our company as a direct lender and a loan broker. With this unique company structure, we are able to offer our clients the same comprehensive list of program choices available throughout the entire industry. Although we specialize in financing and loan programs that cater to situations that present "special challenges," we have funded thousands of traditional - more common transactions. Essentially, that makes us a "one-stop loan shopping" source. The loan programs below are purposely described as we in the industry best understand them.

If we were to add as much detail as our industry offers with regard to the special characteristics of each program, we would likely be doing you a disservice. Frankly, we believe there to be no real advantage to you being presented with the minute detail of a category of loan programs you can't qualify for.
Similarly, we don't see the point of a lengthy description of a program that makes absolutely no sense for your particular financing goals, even if you do qualify for it. Our task at One Touch Lending is to completely understand your wish list of desires when considering a loan. Said differently, "What is everything you want this loan or transaction to do for you?" When we can repeat back to you each and every one of your objectives, then we are able to go to the next step. We develop two to four choices of programs that you can qualify for and guide you to the program that makes the most sense for your situation. To operate otherwise would simply be like "taking orders at a food counter" and doing a disservice to you and your individual needs. Having said that, the following is representation of nearly all loan products available in the industry, of course available here at One Touch as well.

Non-Conforming, not Jumbo Loans

2 Year fixed rate, 28 remaining (Arm)
3 Year fixed rate, 27 remaining (Arm)
5 Year fixed rate, 25 remaining (Arm)
Interest Only available on all products
30 Year fixed rate

Conforming and Jumbo Loans

30 Year fixed rate
25, 20, 15 & 10 Year term (Fixed)
10, 7, 5 & 3 year fixed (then to Arm)
Interest Only available on all products
6 months & 1 year Arm products

FHA & VA Government Loans

30 & 15 Year fixed rates
7, 5, & 3 Year fixed rates

Deferred Interest/Neg. Amort.

Second Mortgages

Combination Loans

COFI, COSI, CODI, MTA & Libor Indexes, All with the lowest possible published start rates (see Home Page)
30, 25, 20 & 15 Year fixed rates
30 due in 15 fixed rates
Home Equity Lines of Credit (Heloc)
All credit & LTV grades
103, 105, 107, 115 & 125% Financing
All possible credit grades
Program rates are not published because they can change frequently. When different loan-to-value, income documentation, appraisal / no appraisal, pre-pay / no pre-pay, pricing and credit score combinations are considered, literally hundreds of loan programs are possible.

Please allow us a confidential analysis of your situation so we may guide you to make the correct program choice that's just right for you. Call us today to check out your options.... (800) 883-1278!

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