Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get ALL the equity out of my home or 100% purchase financing even though I have credit blemishes AND I can't document my income?

A: Yes! We regularly fund 100% financing for borrowers who have credit troubles and/or cannot document income.

Q: Can I get a loan one day out of bankruptcy?

A: Yes! We finance many clients right after a bankruptcy discharge. This is at the center of our Core Competency!

Q: Can I get a loan to pay off my Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

A: Yes! We regularly pay off Chapter 13 bankruptcies by refinancing.

Q: Can I get a loan even if my credit scores are under 500?

A: Yes! In this circumstance, our Private Lending division can fund your needs.

Q: I have a great first mortgage. Can I get a second trust deed to consolidate my debts?

A: Yes! We frequently fund second mortgages and Equity Lines to consolidate debts.

Q: Does an interest only loan make sense in every situation?

A: No. There are several circumstances where we would not recommend an interest only loan. However, these loans offer lower payments than typical "principal & interest" loans.

Q: Can I purchase a home without any money?

A: Yes! Regardless of credit, we frequently fund purchases where buyers don't contribute much money to close.

Q: Can I get a refinance loan even if my property is in foreclosure?

A: Yes! We frequently fund loans to get clients out of the foreclosure process.

Q: Can I get financing on a manufactured home?

A: Yes! We frequently fund loans on manufactured homes. You must own the land, have a fixed foundation and have a "double-wide" home made after 1976.

Q: Do you make loans for people without a piece of Real Estate?

A: No. We only make Real Estate loans.

Q: Can I get a loan if I'm Self-Employed and I can't document income?

A: Yes! We fund these types of loans daily.

Q: Do you have any creative ideas that will help me buy the home I'm renting?

A: Absolutely! Creative financing for purchasing (or refinancing) is when we have the most FUN! Where there is will - there is almost always a way to get it done!

Q: Are there creative ways to add me to title then refinance?

A: Yes! We frequently find solutions for borrowers who aren't on title to get the property financed.

Q: Are "Negative Amortization" loans "good loans"?

A: Although these loans have tremendously low payments, they are not right for every borrower. As long as borrowers completely understand the loan, they are great loans!

Q: Can I get a "no-cost" refi? (or purchase)

A: On occasion, loans can be funded without cost to the borrower. Typically excellent credit is required.

Q: Can you advise me on how to improve my credit (without paying big fees to an attorney or credit repair company)?

A: Yes! We give you detailed material to assist you in this process and help you completely understand your credit report & credit scores. We can also use our Score Modeler to show you what measurable improvements to expect when the process is complete.


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