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How to Easily Repair Your Own Credit

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How To Increase Your Credit Score

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12 Little Known Facts

This booklet contains 12 Little Known Facts your creditors hope you never find out or understand. Read through these specific points and it will be time well spent!

Biggest Mistakes People Make

Even though we live in the greatest country in the world, people with good incomes that buy their own homes wind up in "financial hardship" instead of having "financial freedom." This is largely because of mistakes they make with their mortgages and their other creditors. Take some time to see what you can do to secure a mortgage!

Cash to Close

Typically, the only reason you would be required to contribute cash to close a refinance transaction is because you decided at the start not to include the "Prepaids" in the new loan amount, thereby reducing your new mortgage payments. There are several reasons cash is required to close a refinance transaction; it's all a matter of accounting. To find out more, take a moment to read this booklet!

About Loan Servicers

Do you know the difference between a "Loan Servicer" and a mortgage company such as One Touch Lending? If not, take a moment to learn what the difference is and why working with One Touch Lending will be worth its weight in gold!

Understanding The Fed

Everybody is always talking about "The FED!" Get the real scoop on mortgage rates and how The FED sets them!