Are You Interested in Refinancing?

Having performed thousands of refinance transactions since 1992, every imaginable reason for refinancing has been discussed between my clients and me. Fortunately, in 1997, I began expanding my business outside the parameters of typical refinance and purchase transactions. For example: I embarked into the extremes of paying off Chapter 13 bankruptcies. I created strategies for renters to purchase manufactured homes they had been already living in, all without any money contributed into the purchase! I have refinanced homes creating new loan combinations with combined balances far in excess of the appraised value of the homes. I have consolidated debts when the result of a new $225,000 loan saved my clients over $2000/ month! I have played marriage counselor for months while patiently executing cash-out refinances to divide home equity in the process of a divorce settlement. I could elaborate on thousands of stories - some very sad and some very entertaining. Frankly, there isn't any situation a potential client could put forth where I haven't previously created a successful solution to meet their needs.
Diverse and lengthy experience should not be your only criteria when trying to seek advice about your particular needs. In my opinion, there exists one single critical factor when evaluating advice and choices concerning a home loan. You must consider very carefully who you are trusting with your new loan. There are hundreds of thousands of loan brokers and loan officers in our industry who will tell you they can help you with your financing. To most, you will always be just a number. And before you actually view the FINAL LOAN DOCUMENTS, all that has been said to get you to that end point, is just talk. Unfortunately, some expenses, much time, and plenty of effort have been spent to get you to that end point. If the FINAL LOAN DOCUMENTS do not represent what has been previously agreed upon and presented in initial disclosures, your "exercise" has now quickly become a very disappointing experience. Therefore you must eventually place your trust in someone. You must trust that person and that company to deliver on their promises and not disappoint you. Anything less is just very frustrating.

In considering where to place your trust and achieve your financing objectives, the correct choice would logically be the individual and company that has the most TO LOSE by ultimately delivering a disappointment. The company that will understand and regret the loss of your business is the company that understands the "lifetime value of a client." That is the company whose business model concentrates on repeat client business and client referrals as its main source of future business. That company typically has a more stable and healthy business year after year. This premise is probably demonstrated most prominently in the mortgage industry where the barriers to entry are low and interest rates fluctuation produce a very volatile business

climate. The most important consideration when choosing a mortgage company is their credibility and likelihood of delivering on their promises.
At One Touch Lending, 85% of our business comes from past clients and referrals. Our clients are not a number, but our most valued asset and tremendous potential for future referral business. We have EVERYTHING TO RISK by disappointing you. Your current transaction, your future transactions, and your referred transactions will never materialize without us exceeding your expectations on our first try. DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF PLACING YOUR TRUST IN A COMPANY THAT DOESN'T VIEW THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU IN THE SAME MANNER.

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